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Bemis Tension Master Taping Heads

Prices do vary from time to time due to OEM's changing prices. Please call to confirm current pricing.


Title OEM Number PEP Number List Price
Screw.. 12217 12217 $1.00
Socket set screw.. 0154151 0154151 0154151
Washer.. 0159658 0159658 0159658
Tape head.. 0205-0254A 0205-0254A 0205-0254A
Tape head.. 0205-0735A 0205-0735A 0205-0735A
Switch kit.. 0205-0910A 0205-0910A 0205-0910A
Grommet.. 027736A 027736A 027736A
Arm stop.. 0505-0062A 0505-0062A 0505-0062A $38.88
Mounting kit.. 0505-0064A 0505-0064A 0505-0064A
Nut.. 0505-0127A 0505-0127A 0505-0127A $1.00
Spacer.. 0576-0039A 0576-0039A 0576-0039A $2.00
Handle.. 0581-0008A 0581-0008A 0581-0008A $82.64
Suction cup.. 108898 108898 108898 $20.72
Machine screw.. 110170140 110170140 110170140
Screw set.. 1125437 1125437 1125437
Screw.. 1170005 1170005 1170005 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1170707 1170707 1170707 $1.11
Nut.. 1170811 1170811 1170811
Lock nut.. 1170857 1170857 1170857 $1.00
Lock nut.. 1170860 1170860 1170860 $1.00
Lock nut.. 1170861 1170861 1170861 $1.25
Lock nut.. 1170862 1170862 1170862
Washer.. 1171015 1171015 1171015 $1.25
Washer.. 1171021 1171021 1171021 $1.00
Lock washer.. 1171057 1171057 1171057 $1.00
Lock washer.. 1171059 1171059 1171059 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172440 1172440 1172440 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172442 1172442 1172442 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172444 1172444 1172444 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172445 1172445 1172445 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172446 1172446 1172446 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172622 1172622 1172622 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172642 1172642 1172642 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172644 1172644 1172644 $1.00
Screw.. 1172661 1172661 1172661 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172662 1172662 1172662 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172664 1172664 1172664 $1.00
Mahcine screw.. 1172704 1172704 1172704 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172708 1172708 1172708 $1.00
Machine screw.. 1172714 1172714 1172714 $1.00
Cap screw.. 1173421 1173421 1173421 $1.00
Screw.. 1173540 1173540 1173540 $1.00
Valve.. 118584A 118584A 118584A $765.99
Flow control.. 125448A 125448A 125448A $40.00
Bumper.. 126162A 126162A 126162A
Round stationary bus.. 126361A 126361A 126361A
Bushing.. 126362A 126362A 126362A
Tape roller.. 128830A 128830A 128830A $12.00
Knurled roller.. 128831A 128831A 128831A $10.88
Knurked roller.. 128831A-1 128831A-1 128831A-1 $10.00
Knurled roller.. 128831A-2 128831A-2 128831A-2 $15.00
Tape finger.. 128832A 128832A 128832A $12.56
Knife holder.. 128835A 128835A 128835A $30.00
Knife arm spacer.. 128837A 128837A 128837A
Spacer.. 128838A-1 128838A-1 128838A-1 $11.43
Spacer.. 128838A-2 128838A-2 128838A-2 $21.43
Roller arm spacer.. 128839A 128839A 128839A $15.00
Side plate spacer.. 128841A 128841A 128841A $17.85
Side plate spacer.. 128841A-1 128841A-1 128841A-1 $7.50
Side plate spacer.. 128841A-2 128841A-2 128841A-2
Cable assembly.. 128860A 128860A 128860A $19.94
Column cap.. 128863A 128863A 128863A $4.10
Tap bolt.. 128867A 128867A 128867A
Bottom mounting bracket.. 128875B 128875B 128875B
Pressure roller.. 1288892A-2 1288892A-2 1288892A-2 $45.21
Bushing.. 128894A 128894A 128894A $15.00
Shipping bracket.. 128908A 128908A 128908A
Caster.. 129034A 129034A 129034A $32.14
Extension leg..129035B 129035B 129035B
Cylinder.. 131597A 131597A 131597A $152.70
Bracket.. 131599A 131599A 131599A $13.57
Valve.. 131608A 131608A 131608A $22.69
Metering valve.. 131625A 131625A 131625A $12.00
Nut plate.. 131645A 131645A 131645A
Valve mount.. 131646A 131646A 131646A
Actuator plate stop.. 131647A 131647A 131647A
Valve actuator plate.. 131648B 131648B 131648B
Actuator pivot pin.. 131651A 131651A 131651A
Actuator pivot pin.. 13165A 13165A 13165A
Spring plate.. 131660A 131660A 131660A $7.50
Lock knob.. 131663A 131663A 131663A $12.00
Clamp plate.. 133761A 133761A 133761A $11.43
Drive shaft.. 133870 133870 133870 $963.74
Bearing.. 133887A 133887A 133887A $106.92
Shaft.. 1340703A 1340703A 1340703A
Roller shaft long.. 134683A 134683A 134683A $15.00
Split steel bushing.. 134702A 134702A 134702A $80.27
Compression spring.. 134716A 134716A 134716A $9.57
Bearing 134718A 134718A 134718A $18.57
Compression spring mandrel.. 134721A 134721A 134721A $23.57
Belt take up bracket.. 134726A 134726A 134726A $13.57
Nut plate.. 134727A 134727A 134727A $24.38
Tension puller.. 134729A 134729A 134729A $38.57
Cylinder.. 134754 134754 134754 $172.67
Valve.. 134757A 134757A 134757A $67.14
Rod.. 134758A 134758A 134758A $17.14
Cylinder.. 134759A 134759A 134759A $85.00
Roller shaft.. 134767A 134767A 134767A $15.31
Roller.. 134980A 134980A 134980A $12.14
Roller.. 134981A 134981A 134981A $15.00
Belt pins.. 135195 135195 135195
Roller shaft.. 135266A 135266A 135266A $47.96
Roller spacer.. 135267A 135267A 135267A
Hand knob spacer.. 135270A 135270A 135270A
Belt.. 135896A 135896A 070417 $95.00
Mounting bracket assembly.. 135911A 135911A 135911A $238.86
Conveyor belt.. 135915A 135915A 070008 $65.21
Hayco bushing.. 136062A 136062A 136062A
Female handle.. 136354A 136354A 136354A $16.74
Brush mount.. 136520A 136520A 136520A $15.00
Flap guide.. 136526B 136526B 136526B $145.00
Guide rail.. 136530B 136526B 136526B $52.00
Exit roller.. 137138A 137138A 137138A $97.14
Nylon bearing.. 137141A 137141A 137141A $35.00
Spacer.. 137146A 137146A 137146A $8.71
Roller w/ bushing.. 137151A 137151A 137151A $17.14
Brush material.. 139588A 139588A 139588A
H channel.. 139589A 139589A 139589A
Brush bracket.. 139590A 139590A 139590A $15.00
Bush slide.. 139967A 139967A 139967A
Roller shaft.. 139969A 139969A 139969A $14.29
Nut.. 139970A 139970A 139970A
Nut.. 139971A 139971A 139971A
Shaft guide.. 139972A 139972A 139972A
Belt tension spring.. 139979A 139979A 139979A $12.14
Reducer shaft.. 139980A 139980A 139980A
Yoke idler.. 139983B 139983B 139983B $321.43
Yoke adjuster.. 139984B 139984B 139984B $300.00
Fuse holder.. 139992A 139992A 139992A $8.76
Belt pin.. 142689A 142689A 142689A $5.00
Roller arm.. 143761B 143761B 143761B
Knife arm.. 143768B 143768B 143768B $77.54
Knife arm.. 143769B 143769B 143769B $57.14
Knife arm.. 143770B 143770B 143770B $57.14
Flange bearing.. 143771A 143771A 143771A $2.00
Roller.. 143773A 143773A 143773A $25.00
Tension roller shaft.. 143775A 143775A 143775A $64.29
Pressure plate.. 143776A 143776A 143776A $5.85
Tension idler.. 143777A 143777A 143777A $15.00
Idler shaft.. 143778A 143778A 143778A $5.34
Knife guard shaft.. 143783A 143783A 143783A $6.43
Knife guard spring.. 143784A 143784A 143784A $8.44
Unwind hub.. 143789C 143789C 143789C $65.00
Unwind hub shaft.. 143790A 143790A 143790A
Spring.. 143842A 143842A 143842A $4.75
Unwind hub assembly.. 143847C 143847C 143847C $78.75
Clinch nut.. 143856A 143856A 143856A
Plunger.. 143932A 143932A 143932A $3.54
Plunger spring.. 143933A 143933A 143933A $4.28
Set screw.. 143934A 143934A 143934A $1.43
Knife guard.. 144738A 144738A 144738A $30.00
Clamp bar.. 145760A 145760A 145760A
Knife guard.. 145819A 145819A 145819A $10.00
Roller.. 145821A 145821A 145821A
Knife guard shaft.. 145823A 145823A 145823A $4.00
Unwind hub.. 145828C 145828C 145828C
Coupler.. 146241A 146241A 146241A $45.17
Spring adjuster.. 146403A 146403A 146403A $15.71
Tape lift.. 146406A 146406A 146406A $3.57
Tape lift.. 146406A-1 146406A-1 146406A-1 $2.86
Tape lift.. 146406A-2 146406A-2 146406A-2 $2.86
Tape lift.. 146407A 146407A 146407A $7.14
Washer.. 150016A 150016A 150016A $4.00
Roller.. 150017A-1 150017A-1 150017A-1 $12.00
Safety instruction.. 150019A 150019A 150019A $1.43
Label.. 150020A 150020A 150020A
Label.. 150021A 150021A 150021A
Drive pulley.. 150050B 150050B 150050B
Drive pulley.. 150054B 150054B 150054B $156.00
Tucker arm.. 150082D 150082D 150082D $497.00
Wear strip.. 150102A 150102A 150102A
Bearing.. 150119A 150119A 150119A $84.28
Spacer.. 150124A 150124A 150124A $97.94
Tension screw MT.. 150141A 150141A 150141A $67.86
Mounting bar.. 150146B 150146B 150146B $20.00
Pin clip.. 150158A 150158A 150158A
Limit switch.. 150159A 150159A 150159A $304.00
Valve.. 150160A 150160A 150160A $43.16
Cam operator.. 150161A 150161A 150161A $120.51
Cylinder.. 150169B 150169B 150169B $964.28
Tracking roller.. 150187A 150187A 150187A $18.00
Spacer.. 150193A 150193A 150193A $7.00
Spacer.. 150193A-1 150193A-1 150193A-1 $7.50
Timer.. 150203A 150203A 150203A $127.15
Caution label.. 150209B 150209B 150209B
Clutch.. 150211A 150211A 150211A
Switch.. 150218A 150218A 150218A $321.42
Roller.. 150323A 150323A 150323A $17.00
Locating bar.. 150325A 150325A 150325A
Operating lever.. 150350A 150350A 150350A $50.00
Male connector.. 150400A 150400A 150400A $15.00
Male elbow swivel.. 150401A 150401A 150401A $20.11
Bolt - tensioner.. 150402A 150402A 150402A $1.00
Mounting bracket.. 150403A 150403A 150403A
Spacer plate.. 150405A 150405A 150405A
Compression spring.. 150409A 150409A 150409A $8.00
Bracket.. 150438A 150438A 150438A $21.43
Bearing retainer.. 150459A 150459A 150459A
Bearing retainer.. 150459B 150459B 150459B $85.71
Retaining ring..150460A 150460A 150460A $2.50
Shaft coupling.. 150468A 150468A 150468A $43.40
Heater coil.. 150477A 150477A 150477A
Head mount.. 150485C 150485C 150485C $92.86
Case slide.. 150491A 150491A 150491A
Valve.. 150523A 150523A 150523A $29.21
Knife guard.. 150538B 150538B 150538B $94.78
Mount.. 150561A 150561A 150561A $607.14
Mounting bracket.. 150571B-1 150571B-1 150571B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150571B-2 150571B-2 150571B-2
Bearing.. 150583A 150583A 150583A $9.77
Bearing.. 150584A 150584A 150584A
Infeed arm.. 150585A 150585A 150585A $24.29
Infeed arm.. 150585A-1 150585A-1 150585A-1
Pivot shaft.. 150586A 150586A 150586A $16.42
Pivot shaft.. 150586A-1 150586A-1 150586A-1
Tape finger.. 150589A 150589A 150589A $22.77
Spacer.. 150590A 150590A 150590A $7.14
Spacer.. 150590A-1 150590A-1 150590A-1
Washer.. 150591A 150591A 150591A $5.72
Mounting block.. 150592A 150592A 150592A $17.08
Mounting block..150593A 150593A 150593A $4.29
Roller arm.. 150594B-1 150594B-1 150594B-1 $32.16
Discharge roller arm.. 150594B-2 150594B-2 150594B-2 $32.16
Side plate.. 150596A 150596A 150596A $50.00
Side plate.. 150597C 150597C 150597C $71.42
Guide rail.. 150604B 150604B 150604B
Spacer.. 150606A 150606A 150606A
Flanged bushing.. 150607A 150607A 150607A
Bushing.. 150610A 150610A 150610A
Bushing.. 150611A 150611A 150611A $14.89
Guide rail.. 150613A 150613A 150613A
Guide rail.. 150613B 150613B 150613B
Guide rail.. 150614B 150614B 150614B
Valve mount guard.. 150615C 150615C 150615C
Knife guard.. 150618A 150618A 150618A $4.50
Shaft.. 150626B 150626B 150626B $450.00
Shaft.. 150627B 150627B 150627B $450.00
Guide rail.. 150628A 150628A 150628A $28.57
Guide roller.. 150651A 150651A 150651A $10.71
Guide roller.. 150651A-1 150651A-1 150651A-1 $15.36
Guide rail.. 150657B 150657B 150657B $35.71
Label.. 150672A 150672A 150672A
Label.. 150675A 150675A 150675A
Pivot.. 150689A 150689A 150689A $9.00
E-ring.. 150690A 150690A 150690A $1.43
Label.. 150694A 150694A 150694A
Spring.. 150699A 150699A 150699A $6.50
Hub shaft.. 150715A 150715A 150715A $28.57
Shim washer.. 150718A 150718A 150718A $1.00
Snap ring.. 150733A 150733A 150733A $1.00
Mounting bracket.. 150734A-1 150734A-1 150734A-1 $44.19
Mounting bracket.. 150734A-2 150734A-2 150734A-2
Mounting bracket.. 150736B 150736B 150736B
Locating bracket.. 150737B 150737B 150737B $27.44
Guide strip.. 150738A 150738A 150738A
Locking tab.. 150739A 150739A 150739A
Mounting Bracket.. 150741B 150741B 150741B
Mouting bracket.. 150741B-2 150741B-2 150741B-2
Locating bar.. 150745B 150745B 150745B
Mounting bracket.. 150746B-1 150746B-1 150746B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150746B-2 150746B-2 150746B-2
Locating pin.. 150747A-10 150747A-10 150747A-10
Locating pin.. 150747A-8 150747A-8 150747A-8
Mounting pin.. 150749A 150749A 150749A
Mounting bracket.. 150750B-1 150750B-1 150750B-1
Mounting block.. 150750B-2 150750B-2 150750B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150751B-1 150751B-1 150751B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150751B-2 150751B-2 150751B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150755A 150755A 150755A
Mounting bracket.. 150756B 150756B 150756B
Mounting pin.. 150760A 150760A 150760A
Mounting bracket.. 150761B-1 150761B-1 150761B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150761B-2 150761B-2 150761B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150762B-1 150762B-1 150762B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150762B-2 150762B-2 150762B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150769B-1 150769B-1 150769B-1 $15.00
Mounting bracket.. 150769B-2 150769B-2 150769B-2 $15.00
Locating bar.. 150770B 150770B 150770B
Locating bar.. 150771B 150771B 150771B
Mouting bracket.. 150772B 150772B 150772B
Mounting bracket.. 150773B-2 150773B-2 150773B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150779B-1 150779B-1 150779B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150779B-2 150779B-2 150779B-2
Unwind hub shaft.. 150783A 150783A 150783A
Tracking roller.. 150784A 150784A 150784A $31.43
Mounting bar.. 150785A 150785A 150785A $30.71
Spacer washer.. 150787A 150787A 150787A $4.14
Mounting bracket.. 150792B 150792B 150792B
Mounting bracket.. 150793B-1 150793B-1 150793B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150793B-2 150793B-2 150793B-2
Mounting bar.. 150796C 150796C 150796C
Mounting bracket.. 150798A 150798A 150798A $148.11
Mounting bracket.. 150801A 150801A 150801A
Mounting bracket.. 150804C 150804C 150804C
Shaft collar.. 150809A 150809A 150809A $2.55
Knife mounting bar.. 150810A 150810A 150810A
Mounting bracket.. 150811B 150811B 150811B
Pull ring plunger.. 150816A 150816A 150816A
Locating bar.. 150818C-1 150818C-1 150818C-1
Locating bar.. 150818C-2 150818C-2 150818C-2
Mounting bracket.. 150819B-1 150819B-1 150819B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150819B-2 150819B-2 150819B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150820B-1 150820B-1 150820B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150820B-2 150820B-2 150820B-2
Knife guard.. 150821C 150821C 150821C $171.50
Knife guard.. 150824B 150824B 150824B $119.80
Shim plate.. 150825A 150825A 150825A
Clutch bearing.. 150827A 150827A 150827A $35.00
Tension roller shaft.. 150828A 150828A 150828A $10.71
Tension roller shaft.. 150828A-1 150828A-1 150828A-1
Tension roller.. 150829A-1 150829A-1 150829A-1 $35.00
Mounting bracket.. 150830A 150830A 150830A
Mounting bracket.. 150831A 150831A 150831A
Shaft.. 150833A 150833A 150833A
Shaft.. 150833A-1 150833A-1 150833A-1 $5.09
Bushing.. 150834A 150834A 150834A $4.29
Locating bar.. 150835C-1 150835C-1 150835C-1
Locating bar.. 150835C-2 150835C-2 150835C-2
Mounting bracket.. 150836B-1 150836B-1 150836B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150836B-2 150836B-2 150836B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150837B-1 150837B-1 150837B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150837B-2 150837B-2 150837B-2
Mounting bracket.. 150838B-1 150838B-1 150838B-1
Mounting bracket.. 150838B-2 150838B-2 150838B-2
Locating pin.. 150839A 150839A 150839A
Locating pin.. 150839A-2 150839A-2 150839A-2
Side plate.. 150843C 150843C 150843C
Side plate.. 150844A 150844A 150844A $35.00
Knife guard.. 150845B 150845B 150845B $52.31
Roller arm.. 150846B 150846B 150846B $92.85
Roller arm.. 150847B 150847B 150847B $78.57
Label.. 150856A 150856A 150856A
MTG tape-bar hub LH.. 150858B 150858B 150858B $60.71
Knife arm.. 150859C 150859C 150859C
Mounting block.. 150860A 150860A 150860A $17.08
Nut.. 150869A 150869A 150869A $1.00
Chain.. 150876A 150876A 150876A
Ramp.. 150877C 150877C 150877C
Mounting bar.. 150883A 150883A 150883A $14.94
Roller arm.. 150887B 150887B 150887B $52.81
Roller arm.. 150888B 150888B 150888B $56.00
Shaft guard.. 150889A 150889A 150889A $12.85
Pivot shaft.. 150889A-1 150889A-1 150889A-1 $24.19
Mounting bar.. 150890A 150890A 150890A $15.00
Guard shaft.. 150891A 150891A 150891A $7.87
Locating bar.. 150893A 150893A 150893A
Shim plate.. 150894A 150894A 150894A
Mounting bracket.. 150895B 150895B 150895B
Label.. 150902A 150902A 150902A $1.43
Label.. 150903A 150903A 150903A $3.57
Washer.. 150932A 150932A 150932A $8.67
Spring.. 150950A 150950A 150950A $7.86
Spacer.. 150969A 150969A 150969A
Clamp.. 150996A 150996A 150996A
Hold down angle.. 151001A 151001A 151001A
Clamp.. 151012A 151012A 151012A
Mounting bracket.. 151046A-1 151046A-1 151046A-1
Mounting bracket.. 151046A-2 151046A-2 151046A-2
Locating pin.. 151047A 151047A 151047A
Mounting bracket.. 151050A 151050A 151050A $103.01
Mount.. 151051A 151051A 151051A $135.93
Mount.. 151054A 151054A 151054A $137.00
Spring mount.. 151056A-1 151056A-1 151056A-1 $10.71
Spring mount.. 151056A-2 151056A-2 151056A-2 $10.71
Spring mount.. 151056A-3 151056A-3 151056A-3 $10.71
Support bar.. 151057A 151057A 151057A
S-hook.. 151061A 151061A 151061A
Spacer.. 151073A 151073A 151073A
Block stop.. 151078A 151078A 151078A $10.71
Connecting arm.. 151079B 151079B 151079B
Mounting bar.. 151112A 151112A 151112A $24.49
Mounting bar.. 151113A 151113A 151113A $23.94
Connecting arm.. 151158B 151158B 151158B $50.00
Clamping spindle.. 151163A 151163A 151163A
Clamping spindle.. 151164A 151164A 151164A
Washer.. 151176A 151176A 151176A $32.00
Press roller.. 151177A 151177A 151177A
Washer.. 151178A 151178A 151178A $2.23
Washer strap.. 151179A 151179A 151179A $4.81
Adapter bracket.. 151234A 151234A 151234A
Tape finger.. 151263A 151263A 151263A $24.04
Tape ramp.. 151264A 151264A 151264A $2.50
Tape ramp.. 151272A 151272A 151272A
Mounting bar.. 151273A 151273A 151273A $55.43
Cover plate.. 151303B 151303B 151303B
Mounting bracket.. 151460A 151460A 151460A
Velcro pad.. 151464A 151464A 151464A $1.50
Knife guard.. 151523B 151523B 151523B
Mounting bracket.. 151531B-1 151531B-1 151531B-1
Mounting bracket.. 151531B-2 151531B-2 151531B-2
Mounting bracket.. 151532B-2 151532-2 151532-2
Mounting bracket.. 151532B-1 151532B-1 151532B-1
Mounting bracket.. 151533B-1 151533B-1 151533B-1
Mounting bracket.. 151533B-2 151533B-2 151533B-2
Mounting bracket.. 151534B-1 151534B-1 151534B-1
Mounting bracket.. 151534B-2 151534B-2 151534B-2
Locating pin.. 151535A 151535A 151535A
Locating pin.. 151536A 151536A 151536A
Rubber feet.. 151561A 151561A 151561A
Mount.. 151565B 151565B 151565B
Mount.. 151566B 151566B 151566B
Mounting bracket.. 151567A 151567A 151567A
Mounting bracket.. 151568B 151568B 151568B
Tape finger.. 151578A 151578A 151578A
Plate.. 151580C-1 151580C-1 151580C-1
Plate.. 151581C 151581C 151581C
Plate.. 151581C-1 151581C-1 151581C-1
Shaft.. 151582A 151582A 151582A
Shaft.. 151582A-1 151582A-1 151582A-1 $21.42
Idler shaft.. 151583A 151583A 151583A $4.45
Idler shaft.. 151583A-2 151583A-2 151583A-2
Heater coil.. 151629A 151629A 151629A
Brush & mount assembly.. 151633A 151633A 151633A $30.50
Label.. 151635A 151635A 151635A
Brush assembly.. 151638A 151638A 151638A
Bracket.. 151655A 151655A 151655A
Locating pin.. 151779A 151779A 151779A
Locating pin.. 151808A-1 151808A-1 151808A-1
Adapter plate.. 151913A 151913A 151913A
Screw.. 151914A 151914A 151914A
Valve.. 151923A 151923A 151923A $68.57
Din connector.. 151924A 151924A 151924A $63.43
Locating pin.. 151972A 151972A 151972A
Mounting bracket.. 151973B-1 151973B-1 151973B-1
Mounting bracket.. 151973B-2 151973B-2 151973B-2
Felt pad.. 151988A 151988A 151988A $3.57
Rubber insert.. 152017A 152017A 152017A $22.14
Capacitor.. 152019A 152019A 152019A $30.00
Felt pad.. 152030A 152030A 152030A
Bracket.. 152109A 152109A 152109A
Spacer.. 152110A 152110A 152110A
Mounting pin.. 152111A 152111A 152111A
Mounting pin.. 152111A-2 152111A-2 152111A-2
Mounting plate.. 152112B 152112B 152112B
Mounting plate.. 152113B 152113B 152113B
Mounting bracket.. 152114B 152114B 152114B
Label.. 152119A 152119A 152119A
Screw.. 152215A 152215A 152215A
Pressure roller.. 152216A 152216A 152216A $47.91
Locating pin.. 152227A 152227A 152227A
Locating pin.. 152230A 152230A 152230A
Locating bar.. 152232B 152232B 152232B
Locating bar.. 152233B 152233B 152233B
Wheel.. 152236A 152236A 152236A
Close nipple.. 15228A 15228A 15228A $2.86
Collar.. 15871A 15871A 15871A $6.50
Cap screw.. 173438 173438 1173438 $1.00
Plug.. 18000A 18000A 18000A
Roll pin.. 19659A 19659A 19659A $1.50
Roll pin.. 19663A 19663A 19663A
Tape head.. 205-0717A 205-0717A 205-0717A
Tape head.. 205-0722A 205-0722A 205-0722A
Tape head.. 205-716A 205-716A 205-716A $1,050.00
Bearing.. 22285A-3 22285A-3 22285A-3 $28.50
Cap screw.. 24635 24635 24635
Elbow.. 28014A 28014A 28014A $9.40
Connection.. 30817A 30817A 30817A $7.59
Control valve.. 33007A 33007A 33007A
Roll pin.. 33028A 33028A 33028A $2.50
Connector.. 33237A 33237A 33237A $4.60
Lock washer.. 33626 33626 33626
Air heater.. 34955 34955 34955 $618.13
Muffler.. 34964A 34964A 34964A $19.00
Tape slide.. 505-0051A 505-0051A 505-0051A
Floating nut.. 505-0127A 505-0127A 505-0127A
Vacuum transducer.. 585-0085 585-0085 585-0085 $714.24
Roller.. 63334A 63334A 63334A $5.00
Bushing.. 66844A 66844A 66844A $2.00
Valve.. 68684A 68684A 68684A $50.43
Machine screw.. 72438 72438 72438
Screw.. 73161 73161 73161 $1.43
Collar.. 933A 933A 933A $1.43
Tape head.. 0205-0718A new# 0205-0718A, old# 150597 0205-0718A
Tape head.. 0205-0749A new# 0205-0749A, old# 303-0793B 0205-0749A
Pressure Roller.. 128889A-1 new# 128889A-1, old# 167899A, 151177A 128889A-1 $30.00
Clip ring external.. 133760A new# 133760A, old# 22760A 133760A
Idler pulley assembly.. 150004B new# 150004B, old# 139982A, old# 66812A 150004B $195.12
Drive pulley.. 150051B new# 150051B, old# 137160B 150051B-alum $311.75
Roller spring.. 150202A new# 150202A, old# 146402A 150202A $13.57
Spacer.. 150659A new# 150659A, old# 128873A 150659A $34.42
Spring mount.. 151056A new# 151056A, old# 505-0188A 151056A
Plate.. 151580C new# 151580C, old# 150598C 151580C $135.71
Motor.. 151612C new# 151612C, old# 144681C, 144681A, 146243C, 150031C 151612C $747.80
Motor.. 151613C new# 151613C, old# 144680C, 144680A, 146244C, 150032C 151613C $747.80
Blade.. 151916B new# 151916B, old# 128828A, BL201, 070007 151916B $24.19
Cut off knife.. 151917B new# 151917B, old# 134166A, 070388 151917B $24.28
Tension pulley.. 150407B new# 50407B, old# 134730B 150407B $101.54