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Title OEM Number PEP Number List Price
Manual.. S119-06042 119-06042 119-06042 $95.24
Motor.. A137-1 A137-1 A137-1 $879.36
Motor.. A138 A138 A138 $775.00
Reducer.. A139 A139 090008 $1,095.05
Reducer.. A142 A142, 5550940 090013 $937.13
Reducer.. A147 A147 A147 $877.28
Reducer.. A148 A148 A148 $570.40
Brake.. A172-1 A172-1 A172-1 $787.10
Reducer.. A250 A250 A250 $687.82
Reducer.. A283-1 A283-1 A283-1 $690.56
Linear Actuator A293 A293 A293 $695.08
Brushes.. A300 A300 A300 $25.31
Reducer.. A348 A348 A348 $680.23
Reducer.. A409 A409 A409 $553.35
Reducer.. A421 A421 A421 $600.95
Junction box.. A439 A439 A439 $63.80
Motor.. A440 A440 A440 $186.71
Bushing.. B102 B102 B102 $2.04
Bearing.. B127 B127 B127 $135.36
Bearing.. B128-1 B128-1 B128-1 $3.69
Washer.. B134 B134 B134 $1.43
Cam follower.. B139 B139 090006 $69.89
Bearing.. B146-4 B146-4 B146-4 $95.55
Bearing.. B147-4 B147-4 B147-4 $45.87
Bearing.. B151-2 B151-2 B151-2 $16.36
Bearing.. B174 B174 B174 $135.36
Wheel.. B223 B223 B223 $71.97
Bracket.. C104 C104 C104 $293.98
Nut.. C14 C14 C14 $11.90
Socket.. C2-453 C2-453 C2-453 $83.30
Pivot shaft.. C21-20 C21-20 C21-20 $178.50
Bracket.. C2430 C2430 C2430 $62.48
Film carriage.. C417 C417 C417 $418.95
Pin.. C427 C427 C427 $70.81
Axle.. C82 C82 C82 $25.11
Sensor.. E-1583 E-1583 E-1583 $47.46
Relay.. E100 E100 E100 $27.57
Relay.. E100-1 E100-1 E100-1 $27.57
Relay.. E100-3 E100-3 E100-3 $26.12
Relay.. E102-1 E102-1 E102-1 $36.41
Timer.. E107 E107 E107 $144.03
Timer.. E1079 E1079 E1079 $92.88
Sensor.. E116 E116 E116 $103.46
Sensor.. E116-3 E116-3 E116-3 $103.46
Proximity sensor.. E118 E118 E118 $227.62
Limit switch.. E119 E119 E119 $244.05
Limit switch lever arm.. E120 E120 E120 $26.30
Indicator light.. E121 E121 E121 $12.88
Poteniometer.. E122 E122 090005 $40.41
Cable chain.. E1241-2 E1241-2 E1241-2 $335.86
Drive.. E1244 E1244 E1244 $476.44
Fuse.. E134 E134 090018 $6.50
Fuse.. E136 E136 E136 $4.88
Drive board.. E137 E137 090002 $178.67
SCR board.. E137-4 E137-4 090012 $196.35
Control card.. E138 E138 E138 $344.51
Knob.. E143 E143 E143 $5.36
Cable.. E156 E156 E156 $12.20
Sensor.. E1593 E1593 E1593 $179.30
Power cord.. E182 E182 E182 $30.85
Limit switch.. E1873 E1873 E1873 $44.86
Contact body.. E1937 E1937 E1937 $28.38
Contact body.. E1938 E1938 E1938 $44.07
Contact block.. E1940 E1940 E1940 $25.03
Contact block.. E1941 E1941 E1941 $25.03
Switch head.. E1961 E1961 E1961 $31.22
Selector switch.. E1963 E1963 E1963 $41.27
Proximity sensor.. E2166-3 E2166-3 E2166-3 $45.52
Relay.. E220-3 E220-3 E220-3 $26.20
Limit switch.. E254 E254 E254 $43.90
Limit switch.. E346 E346 E346 $79.00
Potentiometer, 1K E352 E352 E352 $34.24
Proximity sensor.. E353 E353 E353 $240.50
Relay base.. E372-3 E372-3 E372-3 $24.51
Safety switch.. E401-2 E401-2 090015 $224.91
Key for E401, E402 E402 E402 $30.35
Slip ring.. E454 E454 E454 $1.00
Control board.. E487-2 E487-2 E487-2 $215.70
Sensor.. E488 E488 090011 $211.67
Cable.. E494 E494 E494 $27.37
Cable chain.. E495 E495 E495 $264.69
Key lock kit.. E516 E516 E516 $70.81
Carriage.. E648 E648 E648 $242.76
ENclosure.. E771 E771 E771 $330.29
Label.. E771 E771 E771 $29.84
Sensor bracket.. F-23 F-23 F-23 $16.81
Cover.. F101 F101 F101 $173.53
Guard.. F175-R2 F175-R2 F175-R2 $214.20
Bracket.. F23 F23 F23 $96.69
Bracket.. F251 F251 F251 $34.39
Mounting bracket.. F724 F724 F724 $135.36
Spacer.. H1011 H1011 H1011 $0.36
Screw.. H1099 H1099 H1099 $0.40
Screw.. H1100 H1100 H1100 $0.45
Bolt.. H1216 H1216 H1216 $4.76
Screw.. H706 H706 H706 $0.15
Pin.. H715 H715 H715 $4.05
Nut.. H764 H764 H764 $3.93
Screw.. H841 H841 H841 $8.51
Screw.. H842 H842 H842 $4.15
Screw.. H843 H843 H843 $10.35
Spring pin.. H850 H850 H850 $2.39
Screw.. H879 H879 H879 $3.21
Screw.. H885 H885 H885 $7.44
Nut.. H922 H922 H922 $1.00
Spring pin.. H960 H960 H960 $1.49
Sprocket.. K137 K137 K137 $54.06
Sprocket.. K150 K150 K150 $58.27
Sprocket.. K151 K151 K151 $11.19
Sprocket.. K157 K157 K157 $37.14
Sprocket.. K159 K159 090009 $59.60
Stretch gear.. K160 K160 K160 $90.53
Sprocket.. K161 K161 K161 $30.74
Sprocket.. K165 K165 K165 $39.62
Idler sprocket.. K176 K176 K176 $180.19
Sprocket.. K180 K180 K180 $32.32
Sprocket.. K181 K181 090020 $34.34
Sprocket.. K184 K184 K184 $313.66
Sprocket.. K214 K214 K214 $36.40
Lift belt.. K242-2 K242-2 K242-2 $219.20
Sprocket.. K506 K506 K506 $29.64
Bracket.. M10 M10 M10 $327.25
Bracket.. M11 M11 M11 $327.25
Hub.. M15 M15 M15 $196.35
Shaft.. M16 M16 M16 $196.35
Guide.. M171 M171 M171 $22.91
Drive assembly.. M298 M298 M298 $135.36
Sleeve.. M434 M434 M434 $29.63
Bracket.. M479 M479 M479 $154.70
Retainer.. M512 M512 M512 $116.03
Guide block.. M59 M59 M59 $74.97
Target cam.. M61 M61 M61 $45.50
Swivel caster.. M636 M636 M636 $85.23
Shaft.. M64-20 M64-20 M64-20 $25.29
Hinge block.. M65 M65 M65 $29.08
Hinge block.. M66 M66 M66 $27.82
Top chuck.. M79 M79 M79 $49.98
Film clamp flap.. M853 M853 M853 $67.86
Reducer.. A413 new# A413, old# A271 A413 $497.72
Bearing.. B126-1 new# B126-1, old# B126 B126-1 $57.06
Switch.. E109 new# E109, old# E1966 E109 $40.76
Push button.. E112 new# E112, old# E1958 E112 $20.06
Contact block.. E113 new# E113, old# E1813 E113 $30.60
Selector switch.. E114 new# E114, old# E1961 E114 $31.22
Photo eye.. E1662 new# E1662, old# E151, E342 E1662 $523.60
Contact block.. E170 new# E170, old# E1937 E170 $30.60
Contact block.. E171 new# E171, old# E1942 E171 $43.52
Cable.. E2106 new# E2106, old# E-1584 E2106 $34.82
Cylinder.. P129 P129 P129 $667.00
Bushing.. Q103 Q103 Q103 $19.50
Collar.. Q116 Q116 Q116 $2.50
Striker assembly.. S102 S102 S102 $62.48
Manual.. S119-8054 S119-8054 S119-8054 $81.22
Manual.. S119-8055 S119-8055 S119-8055 $81.22
Guide block.. S126 S126 S126 $135.36
Cable prep.. S154 S154 S154 $83.30
Moon porch.. S176 S176 S176 $559.54
Moon porch.. S177 S177 S177 $531.54
Ramp.. S178 S178 S178 $1.00
Anti backlash.. S187 S187 S187 $337.64
Transmitter.. S221 S221 S221 $125.00
Receiver.. S223-6952 S223-6952 S223-6952 $957.47
Blade.. S234 S234 S234 $45.52
Holder.. S248 S248 S248 $138.38
Retrofit for counter.. S299 S299 S299 $773.80
Counter.. S299-2055 S299-2055 S299-2055 $773.80
Spring.. V102 V102 V102 $25.29
Spring.. V104-2 V104-2 V104-2 $18.86
Spring.. V111 V111 V111 $44.66
Spring.. V166 V166 V166 $5.18
Caster, Standard Duty HP2100 W100, W100-3 W100-3 W100-3 $102.68
Caster.. W100HD W100HD W100HD $125.00
Caster, Heavy Duty HP2100 W101-4 W101-4 W101-4 $157.21
Washer.. W104 W104 W104 $3.56
Idler Roller, 22".. W111 W111 W111 $65.10
Roller assembly.. W114 W114 W114 $39.50
Prestretch roller.. W132 W132 W132 $556.33
Prestretch roller.. W133 W133 W133 $624.75
Roller.. W162 W162 W162 $66.64
Idler roller.. W223 W223 W223 $46.78
Roller.. W330 W330 W330 $28.98
Roller.. W333 W333 W333 $28.68
Knob.. X100 X100 X100 $10.70
Bumper.. X104 X104 X104 $16.07
Washer.. X109 X109 X109 $25.29
Hand wheel.. X231 X231 X231 $74.95